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Tara's little tale of diddling her clit through her panties, due to her intense sensitivity gave me an idea. I pulled my dripping fingers out of my cunt and began rubbing myself through the soaking crotch of my panties. Yes! This would make me last longer! But I didn't really need to last too much longer. After devouring the last few paragraphs, reading how Renee gets off wearing a tight thong bikini to the beach and Maya masturbates with ben wa balls, I was just about ready to blow! Then I reached the end of the article, asking for tales of panty masturbation. That was it! I licked my fingers and thrummed one nipple, frantically manipulating my rock-hard clit right through my panties, every muscle in my body tensed in anticipation of my climax, until I exploded, wave after wave of orgasm washing through me, and as I kept madly massaging myself, I felt a spurt of wetness further dampen my panties. I had actually come! I quickly slipped my fingers under the drenched fabric and felt the strange, viscous substance. I had heard of female ejaculation, but I'd never actually experienced it! I crammed my fingers deep into my cunt, feeling the involuntary clenching of my inner muscles as my climax ebbed. I was limp and relaxed, and curled up for a comfortable little nap.

I have never worn granny-panties and in fact don’t even own a pair. I also do not wear thongs. I know that people say thongs have the advantage of no visible panty line. To this I respond, I spent my whole life looking for a pair of panties that DO NOT go up my butt… I refuse to buy a pair that does so on purpose! I currently wear, and have worn for many years, (not the same pair of course!) cute little satin bikinis in a variety of colors and patterns. They do not go up my butt and the satin feels nice sliding around in my jeans. Overall, I find that this style of panty is skimpy enough to be sexy while not sacrificing my ass to a permanent wedgy. (And by the way, they do not bunch up and stick out of my hip-hugging jeans either.) Anyway, when I studied in Paris there just happened to be a laundromat across from my building and it was there that I did laundry. Normally, I stayed there while I was washing my clothes, but one time I went back to my room for some reason and didn’t come back until a couple of hours later when my laundry was finished. I’m not sure if I am normal, but I know what each and every pair of my panties and socks looks like and if I have washed them in a current load or not. On this particular occasion, I happened to notice that two pairs of my favorite panties were missing when I retrieved my laundry from the machine. I thought perhaps I had made a mistake and didn’t actually wash them, but upon double checking the laundromat and then examining my room, it was confirmed: those two pair had disappeared. I was extremely upset because while I was in Paris I did not have my usual unlimited supply of clothes, nor did I really have the funds to replace those panties. I wrote a lengthy letter to my mom in my misery and wouldn’t you know it, a few weeks later she sent me a care package containing three new pairs of panties! (Boy, do I have the best Mom in the world or what?) In the end, I just chalked the experience up to living in a large city and vowed never to leave my laundry unattended again.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sexy Dirty Teen Panties

I am addicted to Cummy Teen Panties

One day during the summer I turned 16, I went to a friend's house to go away.
He was the only one home at the time, and had not yet taken a shower. He told me to watch TV
while he showered. I turned on the TV, and after he had turned on the shower, it occured to me
that no one else was around, and his gorgeous 19 year old sisters room (and panty drawer) was
10 feet down the hall. So I tiptoed down the hall and started going through drawers until I
found the motherlode. There were a variety of panties in there, but what grabbed my attention
most was a silky white size 5 string bikini. I picked it up, and it was so soft. I had to have
it. I stuffed it down my pants, and went and hid it in the trunk of my car. I couldn't wait to
get home. After I got home, I got totally naked in bed, with the panties in hand. I was so excited, and had
a throbbing hard-on like never before. The panties were so soft, and I started to stroke my dick.
In no time at all, I came profusely on the panties. And so started my panty fetish.

I have been a worshipper of panties since I had my first suggestive experience. I absolutely adore
panties intmates on a sexy lady. Bras,pantie,nighties, teddies
YOU NAME IT !!! The cool feel of silky panties against my skin, prferably my dick is intoxicating.
I see
a lovely teen in panties, her sexy beautiful body and her smile as I adore her feminine beauty.
I get
off on the coolness of the panties fabric. I just go wild thinking of the soft fabric rubbing
against her pussy, her ass, her breasts, her legs.

I remember the first time I saw a girl's sexy panties underwear. My sister had her girlfriend
Pam over and I got a peek of her when she ducked out of my sisters's room to use the bathroom.
I got such a hardon, I still get horny thinking about it. I managed to get into my sister's room that night and I kept
drooling over the soft shiny panties and I fantasized about Pam's sexy teen body inside the soft, sliky panties.

I have been a panties addict ever since. I go nuts when a lady I am with wears panties panties or panties nighties.
I love to feel panties on my dick as I rub it against a ladie's ass when she is wearing panties. I always like to blow my load on her panties panties
even if my lady gets upset about having to change her panties.